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Insights & News

17 May 2024
Unions and ‘Free-Riders’: avoid getting caught in the crossfire
18 April 2024
A quick look at the scope of the new criminal wage theft offence…
17 April 2024
Early wayfinding in the intractable bargaining framework
16 April 2024
Redefining the employment relationship (again)
16 April 2024
Responding to flexible work arrangements – getting the expanded rights ‘right’
12 April 2024
All Together Now: Unpacking applications for a supported bargaining authorisation
28 March 2024
The regulatory connections involved in enacting the Right to Disconnect
20 March 2024
Wage increases for aged care workers on the way!
22 February 2024
“The employee you are trying to reach has disconnected”: everything you need to know about the new right to disconnect
7 February 2024
What have you done for me lately?
7 February 2024
The new world of intractable bargaining – does the old adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ still apply?
7 February 2024
Fair Work Commission targets conduct of paid agents
7 February 2024
Brief update on key developments…
7 February 2024
Work Health and Safety: increased activity means you need to be proactive
6 February 2024
Employers gear up for gender pay gap reporting: is your organisation ready for the discussion?
12 December 2023
Naughty or Nice? Closing Loopholes reforms have arrived…
1 December 2023
NSW Industrial Relations Act shake-up: what’s changed?
27 November 2023
Temporary Reprieve on Fixed and Maximum Term Contract Restrictions
22 November 2023
Industrial Relations – recent developments
22 November 2023
Ready, Set, Respect at Work – is your organisation ready?
22 November 2023
Snapshot of key WHS developments in 2023
22 November 2023
What’s in Connection with Work (Rest and Play)…?
22 November 2023
Update on the Closing Loopholes Bill
12 October 2023
Fair Work Commission brings wages blaze under control (for now), making its first intractable bargaining declaration
29 September 2023
PID-ture perfect compliance – navigating NSW’s new Protected Interest Disclosure regime
14 September 2023
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rights… High Court confirms the protection of future work rights in the career flight path
7 September 2023
The proposed sham contracting defence – “I didn’t know” may no longer suffice
6 September 2023
Back to the future – proposed changes to casual employment
5 September 2023
Closing Loopholes or Opening a Can of Worms – What They Said versus What We Got
31 August 2023
Safe Work Australia’s Intention to change Incident Reporting: Navigating the Proposed Changes
8 August 2023
Frolicking in the Minefield of Vicarious Liability
26 July 2023
Recent case in NSW puts spotlight on rising WHS fines: Lessons for employers
17 July 2023
Seek and destroy: The memory remains but time for COVID vaccination information to fade to black
6 July 2023
When is the turnover of labour ordinary and customary?
25 May 2023
Re-regulation of workplace relations continues apace with 6 June heralding yet more change
17 May 2023
Can you really codify what makes an enterprise agreement “genuine”?
24 April 2023
No more hazarding guesses – the new Queensland psychosocial hazards code reveals all
19 April 2023
High Court truckies reach the end of the road – Full Federal Court refuses superannuation award
18 April 2023
The Queensland Government’s overhaul of its anti-discrimination framework means big changes for employers
4 April 2023
Secured entitlements, now time for protection: the Federal Government introduces the Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill 2023
30 March 2023
Employers must “beg” employees to not spend time with the Easter Bunny
22 March 2023
No Grinch for employees refusing to take unpaid leave during Christmas shutdowns
25 January 2023
Punch cards, penalties and professional employees – The Commission makes changes to Professional Employees Award
28 October 2022
Secure jobs, better pay – Australia’s workplace relations overhaul
4 October 2022
Employers obliged to Work@Respect as the Government introduces its Respect@Work Bill
9 September 2022
Kingston Reid’s Jobs Summit Fringe Festival – Wrap Up
6 September 2022
Jobs and Skills Summit – Immediate actions but fuzzy detail
25 August 2022
What anti-discrimination law reform means for WA Employers
17 August 2022
Is the Victorian Fair Jobs Code signposting the Federal Secure Jobs Code?
15 August 2022
Have you understood the assignment? Terminating labour hire casuals
28 July 2022
PGA in the bunker, reignites discussions surrounding the lawfulness of restraint of trade in the world of professional sport
28 July 2022
The HSU Elections: What Does This Mean For You?
27 July 2022
Queensland’s Anti-Discrimination Act is being reviewed – what does this mean for employers?
22 July 2022
Application to enforce non-compete restraint dismissed on the spot
15 July 2022
Respect@Work & Gender Equality: what will change to the law look like?
7 July 2022
Is your workplace ready to protect against psychosocial hazards?
30 June 2022
Putting the Labor into Labour Hire
9 June 2022
The Sim-PLOT thickens; Full Bench of the FWC calls for legislative change to resolve differing views over its jurisdiction
26 May 2022
Post-election Insight
10 May 2022
Nothing Casual about the Victorian Government’s new Sick Pay Guarantee
11 February 2022
Employee vs Contractor: The High Court says look no further than the contract
31 January 2022
2022 Insights 
9 December 2021
Navigating the noise around mandatory vaccinations
25 November 2021
After COVID Comes Compliance
7 October 2021
Tips for Managing COVID-19 Vaccinations
8 September 2021
The role of Board Directors in the wake of the Respect@Work legislative changes
10 August 2021
Respect@Work gets legislative backing
5 August 2021
Investigation Reports and Privilege – Tips and Traps
4 August 2021
Contract is King – Rossato decision restores certainty to casual employment
21 July 2021
“On the spot” fines for Victorian OHS offences starting on 31 July 2021
14 July 2021
Mandated testing and the implications for Employers in Greater Sydney
24 June 2021
Proposed changes to Victoria’s OHS Act
4 June 2021
Fair Work Commission Puts Exemption Rates Back on the Menu
31 May 2021
Not so Super
27 May 2021
Further WHS changes afoot
25 May 2021
WA Director Jailed for Workplace Fatality
19 May 2021
Safety Failure = Code Breach = Government Ban
3 May 2021
Sexual Harassment as a Safety Issue?
12 April 2021
Forget the GPS: Where will the new Roadmap for Respect lead employers?
19 March 2021
From Omnibus to Unibus
11 March 2021
COVID-19 vaccinations: The untested battleground between reasonable directions and reasonable refusals
3 March 2021
Victoria’s push to protect contract workers
22 February 2021
Mandating vaccines for employees – Part 2
12 February 2021
Secure jobs: For who and how?
22 January 2021
Mandating Vaccines For Employees
13 January 2021
Chicken or egg? Whistleblower protections and detrimental conduct prior to 1 July 2019
9 December 2020
Will the IR Omnibus drive us towards better workplaces?
4 December 2020
NES update: Parental leave extended to parents of stillborn children
12 November 2020
Compound Confusion: 4 yearly review of modern awards – Overtime for casuals
1 September 2020
Getting ready for JobKeeper 2.0
13 August 2020
Mondelez Decision
5 August 2020
Worker permits required for onsite work in Metropolitan Melbourne after midnight tonight
4 August 2020
A balancing act: The Full Court finds truck drivers are employees
30 July 2020
COVID-19 – Additional obligations for Victorian employers
22 July 2020
Drastic implications for employers who lose commercial contracts
21 July 2020
Workplace by Numbers
2 July 2020
The Awards, like the times, They Are a-Changin’
24 June 2020
Nothing Cruisy About COVID-19 Stand Down
22 June 2020
Victoria’s Wage Theft Laws – A Nasty Bite from the Neighbour’s Guard Dog
19 June 2020
Annual Wage Review
15 June 2020
Are your safety systems effective?
27 May 2020
Industrial Relations can change for the better
22 May 2020
Decision on “Double Dipping” Casuals: Court upholds precedent set by WorkPac v Skene
19 May 2020
Stand Down Decision: You can’t be on sick leave if you’re not at work
6 May 2020
Returning to the workplace or staying home…what public sector employers need to consider
1 May 2020
Are you COVID-19 ready to get back to your workplace?
8 April 2020
JobKeeper legislation delivers workplace flexibility as well as financial relief
7 April 2020
Work Health and Safety Amendment (Review) Bill 2020
2 April 2020
COVID-19 and Safety in Your Workplace
31 March 2020
Clerks Award variation gives COVID-19 impacted employers additional flexibility
5 March 2020
Does your Business Have a Pandemic Plan?
2 March 2020
The Trials of Probationary Periods
11 February 2020
Looking Ahead – 2020 Insight
23 January 2020
Modern Award Annualised Salaries – Are you ready for 1 March 2020?
28 November 2019
Two levels of industrial manslaughter liability to be introduced in WA, following new laws in Victoria
18 November 2019
Kingston Reid – Australia’s Largest New Specialist Workplace Firm – Open for Business