Workplace Health & Safety

Our workplace health & safety lawyers eat, breathe and sleep safety and compliance. We help businesses comply with the law and put systems in place to enable all workplaces to operate safely.

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Safety is a vital component of your workplace; we work with our clients to do everything necessary to try to prevent workplace incidents, but when they do occur, we are there to guide and defend them throughout the legal processes.

We are proud to say we’ve been through a lot with our clients.

We work through workplace accidents (and near misses) as well as coronial inquests in relation to public safety issues and concerns. Our team is well-versed in dealing with a range of regulators in a variety of jurisdictions including safety, rail, heavy vehicle and environment. We regularly liaise with police, coroners and specialist authorities.

We are well aware that safety issues can have a wide range of serious implications for our clients’ businesses. There are important big picture matters like brand and reputational issues to be considered. Often, the considerations are materially significant.

Through tailored education and training and in-the-moment guidance, we give pragmatic insights and advice into the latest legal and industry developments, and are there by your side to guide you as you respond quickly to workplace incidents and issues.